Our roots : passion

Founded in 1969 by Jacques Segura, the history of Furygan has been forged into passion for excellence and commitment. Fury “Gant” (the French word for gloves), we should say, like the first name of the brand, as in its very early days the company firstly focused on the development and manufacturing of gloves for various industries like cycle, ski, and of course motorcycling; one of Mr Jacques’s deepest passions. Known as very demanding, quality driven and with a strong innovative thinking mind, the founder of Furygan quickly extended his expertise to all kinds of garments, providing new solutions for new needs. Mr Jacques soon was involved with racers from all over the world, and quickly established his company as a leader in the motorcycling garment industry.

At the time, Furygan also became one of the suppliers for the French army in terms of technical equipment such as parachutists’ leather helmets and gloves for snipers and infantry – which to this day is still the case. The basics of the company still remain: an innovative spirit, a passion for leather craftsmanship, as well as any technical inputs that could bring more safety, comfort and style to motorcyclists, and above all, a will to never compromise when it comes to safety.

Today : know-how and efficiency

Instantly recognised as a sharp leather specialist, involved in high-level racing even in the early stages of its life, Furygan has grown as an important brand while still remaining a small French family business owned and directed by David Segura for 15-years. This structure has always been Furygan’s strength and it has enabled to successfully embrace and develop the production of new textile materials, as well as becoming a leader in safety standards. Furygan released the first entirely CE approved range, thanks to its internal research and development department – Motion Lab. Above all, the company has kept its genuine know-how without losing its roots.

Craftsmanship is still one of Furygan’s signatures. All the skins used for leather products come from South America or Italy; they are the raw material used to produce the jackets, trousers and suits. Every single skin goes through the headquarters in Nîmes, France, and is carefully examined before being cut. The HQ is equipped with high-tech cutting tables, however many items are still manually cut. Every single item is then double-checked before being shipped, along with zips, press studs and other parts, to be assembled at the Furygan factory in Tunisia – one of the last few countries that has conserved its ancestral craftsmanship, know-how and tradition in leather work.

Between the two factories, the production capacity reaches 800 items per week. When the stitching work is complete, the garment is sent back to France, where it is ironed, examined and fitted with its protection. If a fault appears, the item is immediately transferred into the workshop – where the prototypes, repair work and professional riders suits are produced – to be arranged. Safety is one of the essentials at Furygan, just as much as looking good on a bike, so the Panther takes any vice very seriously.

Tomorrow : research and development

Furygan has been involved in motorcyclists’ safety from the start and it continues the considerable work day after day, for the future. Continuous innovation to improve the efficiency, comfort and performances of its clothes ensures that they are always in line with the expectations and requirements of the modern motorcyclist, but there are times when the brand is way ahead, because it always strives for more.

In light of this, Furygan built the Motion Lab, a high-tech R&D facility. Strong from 45-years of experience, Furygan developed an in-house, state-of-the-art testing facility identical to that of the official certification laboratories. This enables continuous development and innovate the materials and garments technical design, to find new features, and then carry out abrasion, tearing, ergonomic and impact testing on those materials. The Motion Lab has so far been the one behind the creation of Skin Protect Linings, the Duo System, new 3 Layers fabrics and the aluminium thermal lining, among many other technologies that you can find in Furygan’s garments. And there is more to come!