Furygan Fit R2 Motorcycle Gloves


FIT-R2 racing gloves take the ergonomic design of its predecessor to new heights. A thinner glove, with narrow-fit gauntlets and all-new metacarpal bone protection, the FIT-R2 easily handles the demands put on race gloves.

➜ Protection/Security offered by FIT R2 Racing Gloves:

  • The FIT-R2 are CE approved as PPE to EN 13594:2015 standard.
  • Palm 100% made with goat leather.
  • Furygan Skin Protect lining– approved by Furygan’s R&D (Motion Lab) to reinforce leather products in terms of tearing and abrasion resistance.
  • External protection shell for scaphoid, metacarpals, palm, fingers and side of the hand.
  • Multiple reinforcements made with doubled leather layer and additional foam on areas exposed to abrasion in a crash situation (palm, side of the hand, fingers).
  • Ring finger and little finger are held together with a leather piece, to lower fracture risks.

➜ Ergonomics/Comfort offered by FIT R2 Racing Gloves:

  • The goat leather and the pre-shaping offers a high level of feeling on the handlebars.
  • Finger stitch seams position ed on the outside, and EXO protectors, for better comfort.
  • Stretch insert on the wrist, just before the cuff, in order to allow perfect mobility.
  • Between each finger, at the bottom, has been place a specific textile insert to reach a superior stage of comfort.
  • Wrist and doubled cuff adjusters. The new cuff features stretch in order to have a better fit, and to be easier to put on.
  • Ergomax racing label. The highest ergonomical standard at Furygan.

Colours: black-white (143) / black-white-fluo green (1020)

Sizes: S – 3XL

Colours: white-black (214) / black-white-red (169)

Sizes: XXS – 3XL

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